Summer Goals to make my life better

This is not this weeks post, I mean its this week and I’m posting, but this weeks article will be out Wednesday.

But I really wanted to write this and so I am. This is a bonus post.

Last week I set up the Girl Down a Rabbit Hole Pinterest page which was one of my goals for this month and you can check it out here if you like- Pinterest

So I’ve kind of been Pinterest mad and along with Pinterest comes posts about self-care, goals, self-development, and health.

I’m not new to Pinterest and honestly, usually, that stuff can seem pretty overwhelming and I bet so many of you can relate.

In that particular spirit and before we go any further I want to remind you, in case you need it, that you are under no obligation to overhaul your life.

Research into health habits, particularly smoking, has shown that it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to self-improvement and often people do nothing rather than something, especially when fear has been used as a motivator.

At the moment though, I am really looking forward to summer and it could be the sunshine or the lack of assignments, but I’m feeling pretty damn motivated to make some changes.

Unfortunately for me, simply putting that out there into the Universe has never really worked for me, so I’m putting it out there into the internet and maybe that will keep me motivated.

So this is the 6 things I am going to do this summer to improve my life.

  1. I am taking up walking

Full disclosure, I do this every year. In my defense, I do keep it up for a good long while before I slip back into my old habits. But I really want to get fit.

Last year I took up Kickboxing and then this year, I got flu and then college work took over and after a while I kind of just couldn’t get myself to go back to class. It’s made me pretty sad because it was my favorite thing in my week.

Now I’m not sure I could get through a warm-up, so I need to build my fitness back up again and I’m starting with walking.


Image: Hiking Walking Shoes, Acquired through Pixabay. Author: Free-Photos

2. I’m cutting my caffeine.

Yep good old caffeine or as I call it college fuel. There have been times I have drank so much coffee, my hands have shaken.

That my friends is not healthy.

So I am cutting it down to one cup a day. I’m doing it slowly to mitigate the headaches and yeah it’s going to be fun.

Fun is probably the wrong word.


Image: Acquired through Pixabay Author: Kaboompics

3. I am having a massive clear out 

I live in a small flat and I am surrounded by so much stuff I don’t want or need.

I keep seeing these lovely, neat Instagram homes and while I know logically the mess is probably piled up behind the person with the camera, my heart still hurts when I look at my place (could be the caffeine I suppose).

I’m not joking, nobody could need this much paper, why can’t people email stuff and save the trees.

4. I’m having a digital clear out too.

Next academic year is my biggest. I am doing my final year and my final project.

Before I go back in September, I am going to clear out my devices including memory sticks.

When you buy devices you buy memory and then if you are like me, you fill it with crap. I will very shortly need that space.

And it would be nice not to lose my locker details in my email this year.


Image: Business Work Space. Author: Free-Photos, Acquired through Pixabay

5. I am taking up yoga again

I love yoga. I have no idea why it’s so hard for me to keep it up, but I do this several times a year and this summer I am sticking to it!

I love my home practice. I use Yoga with Adrienne and Bad Yogi on YouTube and I love the control over my practice and the flexibility (forgive the pun) over when I do it.

Classes work for some, but for me at home is perfect.

I’m really looking forward to this one!


Image: acquired through Pixabay,  Author: AndiP

6. Blogging

Most of you have not been following me long and that is because I have not been writing long.

I started this blog about three years ago to write book reviews, but although I liked writing book reviews, it wasn’t enough.

I didn’t know what to do though, so Girl Down a Rabbit Hole fell by the wayside.

Last semester I had the opportunity to do some subjects outside of psychology and sociology and I chose some journalism and digital media classes.

I came away from them with so much knowledge and a new spark of enthusiasm for blogging.

As I’m sure you have gathered, my work has a tendency to get away from me and I didn’t get around to it until the last couple of months.

I think Girl Down a Rabbit Hole has really developed this last couple of months, I have learned so much about social media marketing (and how hard it is to take a good selfie) and about blogging from other bloggers.

I really want to keep that momentum up.


Image: Acquired through Pixabay. Author: LUM3N


That, of course, cannot be done without you, the reader.

So thank you for reading what you have and this post and I hope you will continue to read.

I would also love to hear from you about what content you would like to see in the future.

Or just drop me a comment on what your goals this summer are.

Until next time,





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