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The Humble Music Player, the Self Care Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed.

“Space, the Final Frontier”

On Friday I had a particularly long journey to make.

From where I live, between two buses plus the wait (they are ALWAYS late in Ireland), the journey one way was two and a half hours and the same back home in the evening.

Whenever I commute or travel, I listen to music, usually on Spotify, on my phone.

On Friday I wasn’t on my first bus when my phone pinged. Some sort of crisis had landed in my inbox.

There was nothing I could do because I was busy and so I decided to do the reasonable and mindful thing, the thing I would advise anyone else to do, I ignored it.

If it hadn’t resolved itself by that evening (which it did), it would still be there for me to deal with when I got home.

The End.

If that were the case I wouldn’t be telling you this now, would I?

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An Insomniac’s Guide to Sleep Mist

Chances are you know where this one is going, Lavender oil helps you sleep, everyone knows that, right?

I have had insomnia almost my whole life. I don’t remember a time I slept easily. Long before adulthood, college and coffee, I have had trouble nodding off.

I’ve tried a lot of stuff and I find that things tend to work temporarily and then they stop.

I think I got about a month out of meditation.

I’m quite conscious of my routine, I go to bed roughly the same time every night and the same getting up.

I drink coffee on an ordinary day (not exam season) in the morning and not after 5pm.

Ever since I was a kid, I have heard about the wondrous lavender plant. Its almost a cure for anything and everything, but is it really?

I subscribe to a beauty box called the Pip Box. A couple of months ago, a Tisserand Pillow Mist was featured in the box and I thought to myself, this could be a good opportunity to find out.


             Image: Lavender Blossom, Author: Hans Braxmeier Acquired through Pixabay.

I never take what I read online as fact. A true fact I believe, is rare and I like to know how things work.

In this weeks post, I am going to give you an overview of what I found from my experience of using the pillow mist and from the research I read.

There will be science!

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Summer Goals: 6 Lifestyle Changes I will be Making this Summer

Summer Goals to make my life better

This is not this weeks post, I mean its this week and I’m posting, but this weeks article will be out Wednesday.

But I really wanted to write this and so I am. This is a bonus post.

Last week I set up the Girl Down a Rabbit Hole Pinterest page which was one of my goals for this month and you can check it out here if you like- Pinterest

So I’ve kind of been Pinterest mad and along with Pinterest comes posts about self-care, goals, self-development, and health.

I’m not new to Pinterest and honestly, usually, that stuff can seem pretty overwhelming and I bet so many of you can relate.

In that particular spirit and before we go any further I want to remind you, in case you need it, that you are under no obligation to overhaul your life.

Research into health habits, particularly smoking, has shown that it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to self-improvement and often people do nothing rather than something, especially when fear has been used as a motivator.

At the moment though, I am really looking forward to summer and it could be the sunshine or the lack of assignments, but I’m feeling pretty damn motivated to make some changes.

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Buying the Picture, Not just the Frame


Today I made a very important purchase, a new toothbrush.

Stick with me, I promise there’s a point to this!

Using them every day doesn’t negate their importance to our bodies or the importance of their impact on the environment.

I am sure all of you responsible owners of teeth know that a toothbrush is made of plastic and plastic is extremely bad for the environment.

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Are You “Shoulding” on Yourself?

What should you be doing today?

I’m not even going to list all the things I “should” be doing.

But that’s not what I want to talk about anyway, what I want to talk to you about is how you feel about what you “should” be doing.

Everyone loves to tell everyone what they should be doing, feeling and thinking and equally what they shouldn’t.

It’s no wonder that people take it to heart.

There are so many cliched quotes online against pretty backgrounds that tell you to follow your heart, walk your own path or don’t let other people drag you down.

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